Month: February 2021

Common Hiring Mistakes And Tips To Avoid Them For Blue Collars

If hiring is tougher, hiring for blue collars is the toughest. Yes, we understand. The job market is filled with blue collar job opportunities but where is all the talent to fill them? It is comparatively more difficult to hire blue collars than white collars due to their lack of education and corporate exposure. Some […]

Top 10 Highest Paid Blue Collar Jobs In India

We are told that a college degree is a must if you want to get a job and earn money, Right? But has anyone told you that without a basic degree you can get a job and earn money? All you need is the right set of skills in your hand to begin your journey.  […]

Interview Tips- Kaise Karein Interview Ki Taiyari

Samajh nahi aa raha hai ki kaise karein interview ki taiyari? Interview ke liye apply to kar diya magar sawaal kya puche jayenge ye nahi pata. Kaise kapde pahanne honge?Kya bolna hoga?Kitne baje venue par pahuchna hoga? Bahut nervousness ho rahi hai? If you have all these questions on your mind, trust us you are […]