Top 10 Highest Paid Blue Collar Jobs In India

We are told that a college degree is a must if you want to get a job and earn money, Right?

But has anyone told you that without a basic degree you can get a job and earn money? All you need is the right set of skills in your hand to begin your journey. 

What is a Blue-collar job?

Gone are the days when blue-collar jobs were seen as a low class, uneducated, manual workers job. Times have changed a lot. We are in 2023 and  the demand for blue collar jobs for educated and qualified telecallers, receptionists, field sales executives and many other skillful jobs is rising day by day. One needs to have good soft skills like communication skills, interpersonal skills and basic knowledge of computers to excel in their field.

As per the data given by jobs platform Billion Careers, a subsidiary of Quess Corp, the number of job vacancies in the blue and gray collar industry increased by 301% in the past year to 10,542,820 in 2022 from 2,626,637 in 2021. Delhi tops the chart with an 11.57% increase in demand for blue & gray collar jobs.

Small and medium scale businesses have always felt a huge gap to connect with blue-collar job seekers.

With MyJobee app, we are trying to improve the current situation of the blue collar jobs in India and bridge the gap between the job-seekers and the employers

To help you with more information, Here are Top 10 high paying blue-collar jobs in India

Customer Care Representative/ BPO

BPO outsourcing’s main function is to enable organizations to focus on their core functions while distributing non-core services to a third party. BPO companies offer services like Data processing, Consulting, Customer management, Data entry, HR management, etc.

Skills required : Good communication skills, understanding customer behavior, ability to work under pressure.

Cab drivers/ Personal driver

In India, being a taxi driver comes with its own perks and benefits. You can set your own flexible working hours. Anyone can become a cab driver with the right training and certification. Either you can drive your own taxi or work for a taxi business.

Skill required : driving, navigation, customer service, communication, car repair and knowledge of local traffic laws.

Delivery Boy

The demand for delivery boy has increased with the increased business of restaurants, cafes, buying products online, etc. The role
of a delivery boy is perfect for job seekers looking for high-income and flexible jobs. It requires travel, picking packages and delivery to the respective addresses.

Skill required : Sound knowledge of road safety regulations, time-management skills, customer service skills.

Shop floor manager

A shop floor manager supervises a department or store on a daily basis. Its primary goal is to boost the store’s commercial performance by increasing sales and profitability.

Skill required : Good communication skills, Organizational skills, Multitasker.


Cooking is an art and you can be the artist. Every now and then, a new cefe & restaurant is getting opened and they need professional cooks. Also, working class people these days hire full-time cooks at home. You only need to properly train yourself to cook as per clients requirement.

Skill required : Cleaning, multitasking, cooking, food safety, time-management.

Field sales executive

A field sales executive visits different areas to promote product supply to their targeted clients. It involves field work to make sales pitches to potential customers and increase overall product and service sales.

Skill required- Conversational & presentation skill, persuasiveness.


Tailoring is a highly skilled job that requires a balanced hand, attention to detail and creativity. A good understanding of textiles, design, and shape is also important. In today’s day and age, a skilled tailor can create a variety of designs and produce original clothing and sell it online through various ecommerce platforms.

Skill required- Sewing, pattern cutting, garment construction, alteration of clothing, Good colour vision.


We depend heavily on power to perform our everyday tasks and it requires basic knowledge of testing, fitting and repairing wires and circuits. Electricians are always in demand due to constant development of new buildings, flats, residences, etc.

Skill required – Good vision, understanding of electrical circuit, Troubleshooting skills.


Mechanics are skilled people who work to maintain automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles. Mechanics finds and fixes the problem and makes sure that the automobile works efficiently.

Skill required – Understanding of machines and technical diagrams, manual competence, knowledge of hand tools.

Helper/ Peon

To run the office requires a helper or peon just as much, to answer work requests as well as assist other administrative staff in various office tasks, etc.

Skill required- Basic computer skills, decent communication skills.

Conclusion:- According to information from QJobs, a component of the staffing services provider Quess Corp., shows the data that has more than 1 million open blue-collar positions. These included 800,000 new positions, the most recent job openings to be advertised in a month in more than a year.

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